Love is Still a Detour (silverplanet) wrote in soul_less_poets,
Love is Still a Detour

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I Want To Try to Forget Everyday Without Feeling Something Real

Feel my presense
Feel my soul
Feel death
Feel life
Feel the wind
Feel the ground
Feel a tear
Feel my pain
Feel the day
Feel the night
Feel my warmth
Feel my cold hands
Feel like nothing
Feel like someone
Feel dead to the world
Feel alive again
Feel weird
Feel ackward
Feel soft
Feel hard
Feel crazy
Feel one time
Feel nothing anymore

I'm dying everyday without you
I'm trying to find ways not to be in my ways
To forget you as I did
To hate myself for everything

For nothing
For sins
For what
For blindness of the heart
For carelessness
For bitterness
For our sorrows
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