~Like A Wintery Grey Inferno~ (shock_fiend_02) wrote in soul_less_poets,
~Like A Wintery Grey Inferno~

Fallen Souls Awake

It came to me in dreams and asked me if I would have a good world when I die. However how would I know myself?, too many different mirrors, too much glass to shatter.
I asked it if it took the path it wanted before escaping it's reality.
It said no I once loved, and I once felt joy.
But now i'm just another mistake that was once without pain.
If I could go back a million years from now, and fix all the errors.
I could die.
I could cry.
I could try.
I could be happy agian, and filled with joy.
The problem with society is like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.
You never know what potion to expect.
There is no difference.
To this world there is always something good that others consider bad.
What kind of potion did they drink that day.
What kind of potion will you drink tommorow, when you wake up and look into the glass.
The souls continue to come in my dreams, and they still ask me the reasons why.
My answer is your the son of god to yourself but the devil's own in the views of the others.
Look into the glass and follow your path.
Choose wiseley my friend.
It may be your end.
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