Omar (hugmeorillkillu) wrote in soul_less_poets,

To Chris

Well I'm not him, and he's not me
But he's who I want to be
I envy you so much
Your soul I wish I could touch
but I'm stuck here
My heart is filled with fear
I want to help but I don't know how
I wish I could just help
I understand you in ways,you don't know
Life really does Blow
Take it slow
Maybe one day you'll find the way to go
I wish I could stab myslef in the heart
Then we'd never be apart
But the knives arent sharp enough
and even tho your life is tuff
Don't give up
Because your cup
Is all full...
But you can't find it, when it was in front of you all along

-Omar Spahi
...My life is shit
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