.x.*.mista.jt.*.x. (_ooowee) wrote in soul_less_poets,

random poem in my head

slicing the world into a devision
paint a black line across the sane and the vicious
pretending to not notice the world and its angles
spray painting a smile on your face just to fit in
thinking that you have what it takes to hold up the reality
shot back down with the threat in fatality
calling out your own name just to be saved
left alone to embark on the trust you crushed
nothing is ever what it seems
nothing stays the same when it bleeds
we stumble and cry for the pain that you yourself caused
directing your anger at everyone but yourself
taken away from the point you thought you were happy
staring at your reflection where positivity is lacking

comotosed by the stinging needles of everyday life
grief stricken and numb
never understanding why
putting your head down to hide your tears
stabbing into the darkness an unwilling repent
staggering the jagged edges of a left lost and spent
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