Scott (thingsfalnapart) wrote in soul_less_poets,

The Real Slavery

I use to be a machine
So perfect and scorn
My few human insides
We're distant and torn

Forced into a slavery
With unbearable weight
Crying in the Bondage
Had to carry the hate

Another day was black
Empty as the night
I lost all my pride
Had no reason to fight

Took all the torture
Lived with the pain
Life was slowly ending
It was a one way train

Stuck on forever tracks
Destination not known
My possessor, my purpose
Sat upon the tall throne

Giving demanding orders
Selling away my soul
Killing me quietly
Flexing his control

Owning my only future
Not listening to a plea
I have every reason
To fight to be free

Before this storm came
I was a child in life
Open eyes to everything
Never felt any strife

Now that i'm older
My face a empty expression
I realize my life is a slave
To true bondage, Depression
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