Scott (thingsfalnapart) wrote in soul_less_poets,

"Above It All"

I once boldly stepped above
The storming clouds in the sky
Looked down upon our world
Saw everything as a lie

The people we're so busy
Walking away from the pain
They we're living mindlessly
Trying to avoid the rain

You see this storm was born
From all the fears we created
One can only shelter so long
From the mistakes we conjugated

With endless clashing storms
Building freely across our land
The rains we're silently born
By the mistakes we made at hand

We ignored our hearts cries
And chose to live in shame
We got lost amongst the masses
Of humanity that is too blame

Money and power and possesions
Is the storm that stretches afar
Life died with the storms birth
This caused our bleeding scar

We took these as our savior
And got lost in their every say
Glued to their every demand
Worship them in every way

Above this storm I live
And watch life every day
We can't avoid mistakes forever
Just hope the rain washes them away
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