~Like A Wintery Grey Inferno~ (shock_fiend_02) wrote in soul_less_poets,
~Like A Wintery Grey Inferno~

Grey Street

Someday my heart will find you.
But I cant change the world to save you.
And I cant save the world without you.
If the world was made to be broken, then my heart sank below it.
When I cant change the world i'll still survive.
when I cant save you I may die
I looked back upon you while crossing the street, hoping you would remember me.
but you never looked back.
all the bleeding hearts have died.
and alive you cried.
But i'll still cross the street.
and that street will still show you.
maybe we'll meet eyes.
The only time we'll ever be able to touch these blue skys.
After all they are grey when i'm without you.
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