~Like A Wintery Grey Inferno~ (shock_fiend_02) wrote in soul_less_poets,
~Like A Wintery Grey Inferno~

the way i stand is the way i stand

The way I stand is the way I stand [21 Jun 2005|08:34pm]
Fuck the religion.
Fuck the cults and that kind of tribe.
No reason to fault is no reason to fall.
Never afraid to kiss the snake on the tongue, And never afriad to kiss the earth.
No limits and no pride.
I'm just a clown with no self deny.
With a limit there's no way you could call me an ass-shit.
With no limit I could be your new fuckn' law, or flaw.
Do I have a mind that everyone hates? Or do I have a mind that everyone tastes?
Does it taste good to you?
Or does the taste despise your tounge?
Do I have a mind that noone understands?
Or is it the blindness of your self made clan.
I could be your quija board,
or the ampallang at the atrist's shop of pure tribe demise,
A loving human being with a kill-human nature stream.
There is no white roses in the garden of hell.
only suffering for the un-well.
Look at the world's last glance, It says look how far I got at the red light, turned yellow but still I ride.
only two vehicles of being ahead.
Wouldn't make a fuckn' difference in anyones else's head or bed.
This world is the key to fall, and the new world flaw.
This world has no difference as the time reals near,
only the new generation of parental created fear.
Maybe i'll die at age thirty.
I made alcholic abuse, and I attempted my purity.
But never succeded in my full capability.
I can only dance with the tribe of reality.
Till' my end draws near.
Maybe I'll see the new light and glory.
But after all I never understood the new age banality.
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