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Eclipse of society

The eclipse rises as I take the fall, falling for love but shaking for death.
Death is the king rising, rising for more.
Rising for the blood of the one to adore.
Shaking for more, but who will adore.
The flood adtanes it's very first poor.
Rising for the one, the one that feeds on the innocense bore.
Seeing the light but the light won't shine.
Seeing the death in it's prime.
Let's hide.
Let's hide.
Everyone is a cocksucker, everyone hides.
No longer hiding for my own self pride.
Watch the blinds as they take they're fall.
Watch the ones that hide they're own law.
Take control of your own self flaw.
Take control, take control.
Get with the infatuation of your birth, get with the bitch of your very first circuit.
Circuit of fake love , circuit of death.
Circuit of first fame, bastard of death.
Let's love.
That's love.
I want to love.
Pissing incontrollably, fearing for life.
Who's my next mistake, baby i cant hide.
From death.
Ohhhhh! thats death.
I love death.
Death is the master that holds me insane.
love is the master that keeps me sane.
Love is death, love is death.
When your a moble human being with a dreadful sperming scene.
Welcome to death, it's death.
A porno god with a fucking gain, we rise.
Let's rise.
Rise to the moon.
Rise to the moon.
Fuck the sun, we'll eat it with a spoon.
Fuck the sun we'll get ahold of you soon, let's rise.
Let's rise.
Rise from another planet seeking the human death.
Seeing what we're hateing can't come to this.
I'm gonna' fall.
I'm gonna faaaallllllllll!.
Speaking of death love rising through the shadows, cannot obtain the early death Shadows, peice together the whore of sane.
Speaking the truth but noones insane. I can only hear the thunder speaking.
Speaking, telling me to run.
Run with me.
Run with me.
Take a fall.
Take a fall with me.
Take a bath with me. take a bath with me.
Fuckuh fuckuh, girl fuckuh fucku.
See me in it'ts true.
See me in my prime.
Girl we can't hide, from you.
Oh yeah! from you.
Let's just die.
We can die for you, let's die.
I am the master of a full moon, I am the pride that seeks the black lagoon.
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