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The National Wal-Mart Ballad (A tribute to Sam Walton)

Welcome sir, your hired.
This is the best place you'll ever work.
With no room, and no space to unload your frieght.
Not one member of crew here, but it's ok.
Us managers will fuck your ass, with a ten ton hammer at our very best hand.
Well you may be blind but I can see that Wal-Mart Managers are fucked and ate.
fucked and ate by the district manager that allows you to act as if you were god.
So act like god and throw your power at us.
Us associates are robots with seven arms and twelve legs.
We can do anything for you.
Any-fuckn'-thing you want.
We can spread our legs.
We can get bone-hard.
A prick with satifaction is what we are.
We can last all night with you porno gods.
You can call me Jewish all you want.
That's what I am when I come for you.
I'm your Jew' put me in the oven and fry my ass at any time.
Of course it's best when I don't suck you off just right.
Never knew it would be this fun.
Never knew that I could destroy your communist fuckn' egos like a november moon.
If I didn't have a heart, I'd cut your ego and fuck it's wound.
Welcome to our concentration camp, they say.
And I say greetings from planet Mars mothafucka'.
You have never met an associate like me.
A wild motherfucker with a Ritilin kiss.
oh such bliss.
The only one thing you'll get here at Wal-Mart, is a dock-plate crowbar in your fellow unborne peers.
Of course no regrets.
wer're short another unloader, So spread your cooterettes.
The next time I see the pretty ones.
I'll have them burn a swastika, right on your pudgy buns.
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