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The Master That No One Knows

So many beliefs to taunt your mind.
So many books to read and learn of.
Too many cultures to study and master.
Too many religions that argue this, and argue that.
There is a god out there that tells me I will burn in hell. That god existed at one point in time, and now only exists in the most popular fairy tale book in the world.
However I know there is another god out there.
A god that has no name.
A god that is unknown to the human mind.
A god that explains to me how the world was created by evolution.
A got that explains to me that somewhere out there,
There is another galaxy,
Another sun,
And one or more planets where life grows.
This is the master that no one knows.
This is the master that no one will learn of for thousands of years yet to come.
This is the only belief that to me seems sane.
A belief that explains to me how the universe truly works.
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