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( dying poets)

STUFF [13 Sep 2007|08:53pm]

[ mood | angry ]

In a world beyond ours
Out there in the far
A place we can't reach
In the skies like a star
Where all the deceased go
Come their time to be passed
When the bodies they live in
Lived out all they can last

Is a Pilgrimage from isolation
True riddence of lasting woe
A journey for those fallen
Whom have drowned far below
In need of the simple love
Seeking that calm of embrace
The soothing from the peace
like a calm breeze over a face

A heaven in their words
Might be a small expression
Of the peace they may find
In this world from oppression
Calm as a lake on a summer day
Here all souls rest in accord
Like the quiet song of water
singing all in life is adored

Peace at last
Forever and vast


( dying poets)

Fallen Souls Awake [14 Jul 2005|08:47pm]

It came to me in dreams and asked me if I would have a good world when I die. However how would I know myself?, too many different mirrors, too much glass to shatter.
I asked it if it took the path it wanted before escaping it's reality.
It said no I once loved, and I once felt joy.
But now i'm just another mistake that was once without pain.
If I could go back a million years from now, and fix all the errors.
I could die.
I could cry.
I could try.
I could be happy agian, and filled with joy.
The problem with society is like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.
You never know what potion to expect.
There is no difference.
To this world there is always something good that others consider bad.
What kind of potion did they drink that day.
What kind of potion will you drink tommorow, when you wake up and look into the glass.
The souls continue to come in my dreams, and they still ask me the reasons why.
My answer is your the son of god to yourself but the devil's own in the views of the others.
Look into the glass and follow your path.
Choose wiseley my friend.
It may be your end.

( dying poets)

Grey Street [14 Jul 2005|08:45pm]

Someday my heart will find you.
But I cant change the world to save you.
And I cant save the world without you.
If the world was made to be broken, then my heart sank below it.
When I cant change the world i'll still survive.
when I cant save you I may die
I looked back upon you while crossing the street, hoping you would remember me.
but you never looked back.
all the bleeding hearts have died.
and alive you cried.
But i'll still cross the street.
and that street will still show you.
maybe we'll meet eyes.
The only time we'll ever be able to touch these blue skys.
After all they are grey when i'm without you.

( dying poets)

uncle flappy loves it!. [21 Jun 2005|10:00pm]

Uncle Flappy Loves It! [21 Jun 2005|09:53pm]
"your fucking fucked up
is what you are, but
Uncle Flappy loves to meet the bizzarre"

( dying poets)

the way i stand is the way i stand [21 Jun 2005|09:47pm]

The way I stand is the way I stand [21 Jun 2005|08:34pm]
Fuck the religion.
Fuck the cults and that kind of tribe.
No reason to fault is no reason to fall.
Never afraid to kiss the snake on the tongue, And never afriad to kiss the earth.
No limits and no pride.
I'm just a clown with no self deny.
With a limit there's no way you could call me an ass-shit.
With no limit I could be your new fuckn' law, or flaw.
Do I have a mind that everyone hates? Or do I have a mind that everyone tastes?
Does it taste good to you?
Or does the taste despise your tounge?
Do I have a mind that noone understands?
Or is it the blindness of your self made clan.
I could be your quija board,
or the ampallang at the atrist's shop of pure tribe demise,
A loving human being with a kill-human nature stream.
There is no white roses in the garden of hell.
only suffering for the un-well.
Look at the world's last glance, It says look how far I got at the red light, turned yellow but still I ride.
only two vehicles of being ahead.
Wouldn't make a fuckn' difference in anyones else's head or bed.
This world is the key to fall, and the new world flaw.
This world has no difference as the time reals near,
only the new generation of parental created fear.
Maybe i'll die at age thirty.
I made alcholic abuse, and I attempted my purity.
But never succeded in my full capability.
I can only dance with the tribe of reality.
Till' my end draws near.
Maybe I'll see the new light and glory.
But after all I never understood the new age banality.

( dying poets)

Eclipse of society [17 Jun 2005|08:02pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

The eclipse rises as I take the fall, falling for love but shaking for death.
Death is the king rising, rising for more.
Rising for the blood of the one to adore.
Shaking for more, but who will adore.
The flood adtanes it's very first poor.
Rising for the one, the one that feeds on the innocense bore.
Seeing the light but the light won't shine.
Seeing the death in it's prime.
Let's hide.
Let's hide.
Everyone is a cocksucker, everyone hides.
No longer hiding for my own self pride.
Watch the blinds as they take they're fall.
Watch the ones that hide they're own law.
Take control of your own self flaw.
Take control, take control.
Get with the infatuation of your birth, get with the bitch of your very first circuit.
Circuit of fake love , circuit of death.
Circuit of first fame, bastard of death.
Let's love.
That's love.
I want to love.
Pissing incontrollably, fearing for life.
Who's my next mistake, baby i cant hide.
From death.
Ohhhhh! thats death.
I love death.
Death is the master that holds me insane.
love is the master that keeps me sane.
Love is death, love is death.
When your a moble human being with a dreadful sperming scene.
Welcome to death, it's death.
A porno god with a fucking gain, we rise.
Let's rise.
Rise to the moon.
Rise to the moon.
Fuck the sun, we'll eat it with a spoon.
Fuck the sun we'll get ahold of you soon, let's rise.
Let's rise.
Rise from another planet seeking the human death.
Seeing what we're hateing can't come to this.
I'm gonna' fall.
I'm gonna faaaallllllllll!.
Speaking of death love rising through the shadows, cannot obtain the early death Shadows, peice together the whore of sane.
Speaking the truth but noones insane. I can only hear the thunder speaking.
Speaking, telling me to run.
Run with me.
Run with me.
Take a fall.
Take a fall with me.
Take a bath with me. take a bath with me.
Fuckuh fuckuh, girl fuckuh fucku.
See me in it'ts true.
See me in my prime.
Girl we can't hide, from you.
Oh yeah! from you.
Let's just die.
We can die for you, let's die.
I am the master of a full moon, I am the pride that seeks the black lagoon.

( dying poets)

The Grey Hearts And The pounding Rain (Criminal Phsycology) [05 Jun 2005|07:50pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I was never told that the pounding of rain could create the blackest of holes.
Sitting underneath the cellar stepps is just a boy with a dream, but is he monster? or man? Is he an angel? Everyone seems to have confronted or to have ran.
Inside the blackest of holes, lingers a greyer heart of life, a heart noone seems to understand.
It's inhabitants tell me what garbage is from a real true man. What an unpaid prostitute is from a real true girl.
Between the cracks they're lies a what if?
What if I was to destroy the whore?
What if I was to torture and kill the backstabber.
If I was to mass murder 666 of the uglies, you could call me lucifer's hell void, A grim reaper of the weak and dirty minds.
I would be considered god to many, but about the same as the con-artist and it's rebelious entirety all to my self. When your heart turns the color red with love as my heart does more than often, you realize someone loves that person, and that person loves that someone. That person I would not wish upon hurting.
The what if? comes around agian when the rain hits hard and tells me, I'm gonna tear another hole just to see what color I can make your heart turn tonight, hoping that it will just stay grey with question and study, possibly will turn to black, yet ever wishing for pure red. The grey is frustrated, the black says kill, the red says love one another.
The rain will continue to pound, and that person's heart may turn black.

( dying poets)

The National Wal-Mart Ballad (A tribute to Sam Walton) [07 May 2005|06:04am]

[ mood | drained ]

Welcome sir, your hired.
This is the best place you'll ever work.
With no room, and no space to unload your frieght.
Not one member of crew here, but it's ok.
Us managers will fuck your ass, with a ten ton hammer at our very best hand.
Well you may be blind but I can see that Wal-Mart Managers are fucked and ate.
fucked and ate by the district manager that allows you to act as if you were god.
So act like god and throw your power at us.
Us associates are robots with seven arms and twelve legs.
We can do anything for you.
Any-fuckn'-thing you want.
We can spread our legs.
We can get bone-hard.
A prick with satifaction is what we are.
We can last all night with you porno gods.
You can call me Jewish all you want.
That's what I am when I come for you.
I'm your Jew' put me in the oven and fry my ass at any time.
Of course it's best when I don't suck you off just right.
Never knew it would be this fun.
Never knew that I could destroy your communist fuckn' egos like a november moon.
If I didn't have a heart, I'd cut your ego and fuck it's wound.
Welcome to our concentration camp, they say.
And I say greetings from planet Mars mothafucka'.
You have never met an associate like me.
A wild motherfucker with a Ritilin kiss.
oh such bliss.
The only one thing you'll get here at Wal-Mart, is a dock-plate crowbar in your fellow unborne peers.
Of course no regrets.
wer're short another unloader, So spread your cooterettes.
The next time I see the pretty ones.
I'll have them burn a swastika, right on your pudgy buns.

( dying poets)

I Don't Bite Until Midnight [07 May 2005|06:02am]

[ mood | drained ]

I'm only active when the moon is full. There's a certian side to me that comes out when it hits my mood, that side says I wanna get close to you girl, and suck from your rock n' roll exit wound.
drink from me baby, and i'll drink from you.
let me feed.
let me feed.
C'mon baby we can fly away.
We can fly away forever.
Nevermind the sun, it's not my best friend, it never even knew me anyway.
Not even close to satified, I drink more.
Drink from me baby, and i'll drink from you.
Let me feed.
Let me feed.
Don't you know they come to worship you.
The only thing they love is to watch you bleed.
C'mon baby don't you know I don't bite.
I don't bite.
I don't bite.
I don't bite until midnight.
C'mon girl let them feed.
C'mon girl let them feed.
They're not satisfied until they have more.
Let them feed.
I won't bite you... until midnight.

( dying poets)

The Master That No One Knows [29 Apr 2005|04:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So many beliefs to taunt your mind.
So many books to read and learn of.
Too many cultures to study and master.
Too many religions that argue this, and argue that.
There is a god out there that tells me I will burn in hell. That god existed at one point in time, and now only exists in the most popular fairy tale book in the world.
However I know there is another god out there.
A god that has no name.
A god that is unknown to the human mind.
A god that explains to me how the world was created by evolution.
A got that explains to me that somewhere out there,
There is another galaxy,
Another sun,
And one or more planets where life grows.
This is the master that no one knows.
This is the master that no one will learn of for thousands of years yet to come.
This is the only belief that to me seems sane.
A belief that explains to me how the universe truly works.

( dying poets)

Shattering Glass [21 Apr 2005|03:04pm]

[ mood | content ]

Staring through the mirror in wonder, wondering when she'll come to me, wondering when she'll find me. it's been years looking back upon the times of the ones I never should have touched, never should have kissed. I shatter the glass of the past and break through to see where the road will take me ahead, although it seems dead ended and empty I break through to follow the future road ahead. It may be a long rough road, but still, There I will meet her, There I will love her forever.

Staring through the mirror in wonder, wondering when my thoughts will turn to malice, and fearing who the next victim may be. I've spent years looking back upon my childhood and all the cruelty done. It is now time for a release. so I shatter the glass and break through to see where the knife will lead me. Although I may be caught and put to justice, I can never stop. My hell is eternal.

Staring through the mirror in wonder, wondering what i'll put in my viens next. Will it be LSD, Acid, Opium, or Meth. I've spent years killing myself slowly. And every peice of ass I find, I take. I can't help myself I'm so lonely and torn without you. Agian I shatter the glass and break through to seek my nightly thrill. I can only hope that maybe this will be the night I finally die. Realeved of an addiction that I can no longer handle.

Staring through the mirror in wonder, wondering if I will ever see my loved ones agian. it's been years looking back when we had our disagreements, a fight occured. I told them I wanted nothing more with them, they said the same. We went our seperate ways, and I miss them. I shatter the glass and break through to find them and reunite. I know now that I will hold they're hands agian.

( dying poets)

Fade From Light [21 Apr 2005|11:30am]

I guess its about an infernal being's last breath with a lifelong task of wrongful doing, he is finally dying. I call it "Fade From Light"

"Some have known me as the Suicide Snowman, a child's destructive cult leader, the owls keeper, and the mass murderer, all these things you've known are no longer. ...there is nothing for me in this world anymore. I am on my last days in life, and back into nightfall I fade. Take one last glance while you still can... and when you look back to take another...I will fade from light and I will disapear."

( dying poets)

A White Rose [21 Apr 2005|11:26am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

in a deep dark forest beyond the outer bounderies of the earth there is a garden where dreams are known as reality. A garden where the rarest flower blooms. A White Rose. Ever shadowed, yet ever scorched by sunlight. Bees often steal my nectar, animals often scrape my thorns, and smash my stem. Yet in the end I still bloom whiter than the moon. My colors are brightest in night, and night is where and when I am awake. Always praying upon the dusk to settle in, and the twilight to make me real agian. My stem is black with sharp thorns, and tipped with a red substance known as blood, the blood of the animal that nearly smashed, and destroyed me. My nectar is of poison thoughts that destroys the bee when he stings me, and then steals a part of me. I wish I could escape and find other roses that are just as white as me. Only in the end I am still convinced that I am the one, only, and very lonely. The most unique flower in the dark garden of reality, A White Rose.

( dying poets)

DRAINED [19 Sep 2004|02:22pm]

my body is an empty shell with nothing inside
surrounded by fear and hate with no place to hide
my soul is beaten and bloody i am in hell
i have done some evil i belong in a jail cell
all the people i loved i treated like dirt
but i am the one stuck in the dark scared and hurt

( dying poets)

To Chris [10 Sep 2004|07:35pm]

Well I'm not him, and he's not me
But he's who I want to be
I envy you so much
Your soul I wish I could touch
but I'm stuck here
My heart is filled with fear
I want to help but I don't know how
I wish I could just help
I understand you in ways,you don't know
Life really does Blow
Take it slow
Maybe one day you'll find the way to go
I wish I could stab myslef in the heart
Then we'd never be apart
But the knives arent sharp enough
and even tho your life is tuff
Don't give up
Because your cup
Is all full...
But you can't find it, when it was in front of you all along

-Omar Spahi
...My life is shit

( dying poets)

Publish or Perish [11 Aug 2004|03:43pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

If you want to join a community that lets you freely write your poetry and every other form of writing, join bohemian_noise and thank you for your time.

( dying poets)

Youre the Last One Left to Stop Living [24 May 2004|11:10pm]

[ mood | numb ]

Forgiveness is dead
Jump the gun
Grinding to a halt
Our friendship
You will sink underneath
My apathy
Will be our unholy sin
Be our splitting apart

(2 dead poets | dying poets)

[22 Feb 2004|12:04pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Forever CryingCollapse )

( dying poets)

NEW!!! Dedicated to my ex-friend Dallas!!! [21 Feb 2004|06:53pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Im sorry that I hurt you
Im sorry that I dared
I would have told you sooner
But I didnt know you cared.

I like him oh so much
And I know that you do to
But I think that I love him
And I want him to love me too.

You may be gone for now
But I will think of a way
We will be friends again
I will fix this one day.

( dying poets)

lemme know wut u think [19 Feb 2004|08:13pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Take me and hold me
and watch me fade away
Cry myself to sleep
I cry my life away

Break me and burn me
Kill me if you please
Stab me and beat me
Bleeding... on my hands and knees

Do you see me?
I am dieing
But in my heart
I will forever be crying.

( dying poets)

I Want To Try to Forget Everyday Without Feeling Something Real [18 Dec 2003|09:57pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Feel my presense
Feel my soul
Feel death
Feel life
Feel the wind
Feel the ground
Feel a tear
Feel my pain
Feel the day
Feel the night
Feel my warmth
Feel my cold hands
Feel like nothing
Feel like someone
Feel dead to the world
Feel alive again
Feel weird
Feel ackward
Feel soft
Feel hard
Feel crazy
Feel one time
Feel nothing anymore

I'm dying everyday without you
I'm trying to find ways not to be in my ways
To forget you as I did
To hate myself for everything

For nothing
For sins
For what
For blindness of the heart
For carelessness
For bitterness
For our sorrows

( dying poets)

I Listen to All This Music, and I Still Wonder About Love [16 Nov 2003|03:39am]

[ mood | none ]

Guessing is not a good guess
Try to lie is not less than your head on the chopping block
Forget what I say
Nevermind the truth
But remember to make your own conclusions

Love is not a price you pay for waiting
But a treasure you find searching for a better life

( dying poets)

[14 Nov 2003|07:02pm]

[ mood | content ]

"Thoughts taking over my mind"
Being ripped apart inside
Having all these rages inside
Trying to find what it is that makes me so kind.
Wanting to scream and yell
Letting all the hatred excell,
Yearning for the screaming and yelling to disappear,
Wanting everything to be so clear.
Sleeping all through the night is the key
Not waking up screaming, crying all through the night.

"Unreal Feelings"
Why is it that you can make me so happy,
Why is it that you can make me so sappy,
Why is it that you can make me so mad,
Why is it that you can make me so sad,
Why is it that you can make me cry,
Why is it that you can make me try,
Try to be the best I can be...
Why is it when I go up...
You bring me down.
What is it that makes me love you like I do.
I wonder sometimes.
When you make me so sad
When you make me so mad
When you make me cry
When you make me try
When all you do is bring me down.

( dying poets)

The Rotting Apples [26 Oct 2003|08:04pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

I'm new to this community. Im 21 years old, an I am a poet/actor.
I write what i feel.
At one point in my life, i was soooo depressed that i cant remember two years of my life.

The Roses

Dead is the dying
Bleed through your heart
Laugh the life away
Roses on your grave
Nothing beautiful

( dying poets)

im sam.kthxbi. [19 Oct 2003|02:57pm]

I feel so free the wind at my back there’s nothing as of this point I seem to lack. Some things are ok some things are not… as of right now I lost the thought. I’ll trace the image back to you, figure out this serial number that’s running through your mind. Over and over. Foreshadowing is my key, my tool, to unlock the secret of your thoughts. It’s hard to keep my eyes focused on the lines. I’m trying to write this faster so I don’t forget the ideas they just pop in an out of my soul. There’s trouble ahead. I feel her pain, she’s angry and so vain. Something’s wrong, she’s screaming for help, chained to a bed with handcuffs and a leather belt. Someone’s got to stop this its getting to my head. Tylenol’s not going to cut it I need something for a Migraine. I think I need a doctor, a nurse that I’ve subscribed. I need something fast while the pain arose inside. I cant imagine how she felt, right before she died. I hear her screams in my dreams at night to pleasureful to hide. This may come off as horror as terrifying as it seems, bipolar taking over, the essence of that dream. She’s scared she’s cold she’s nervous, as she leans into the light. God goes to grab her hand the devil appears in the darkness of night. when he grabs her ankle, then down to her feet. He gets this endless urge to tie them up with gorilla meat. No one understands. They think I’m insane but what when this happens again… Who’s going stop him? This mad man of fear. What shall we call him? My mother is so scared. She reads with flow, she stops with fright she doesn’t know what to think about how I dream at night.

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Poem [21 Aug 2003|02:37pm]

[ mood | calm ]


There is so much pain inside
I just want to let it out,
I want to be free which is the key,
To make everyone see,
I'm stronger than they think,
I am not the weak link.


( dying poets)

random poem in my head [09 Aug 2003|01:18pm]

slicing the world into a devision
paint a black line across the sane and the vicious
pretending to not notice the world and its angles
spray painting a smile on your face just to fit in
thinking that you have what it takes to hold up the reality
shot back down with the threat in fatality
calling out your own name just to be saved
left alone to embark on the trust you crushed
nothing is ever what it seems
nothing stays the same when it bleeds
we stumble and cry for the pain that you yourself caused
directing your anger at everyone but yourself
taken away from the point you thought you were happy
staring at your reflection where positivity is lacking

comotosed by the stinging needles of everyday life
grief stricken and numb
never understanding why
putting your head down to hide your tears
stabbing into the darkness an unwilling repent
staggering the jagged edges of a left lost and spent

( dying poets)

[16 Mar 2003|11:22pm]

In a world beyond ours
Out there in the far
A place we can't reach
In the skies like a star
Where all the deceased go
Come their time to be passed
When the bodies they live in
Lived out all they can last

Is a Pilgrimage from isolation
True riddence of lasting woe
A journey for those fallen
Whom have drowned far below
In need of the simple love
Seeking that calm of embrace
The soothing from the peace
like a calm breeze over a face

A heaven in their words
Might be a small expression
Of the peace they may find
In this world from oppression
Calm as a lake on a summer day
Here all souls rest in accord
Like the quiet song of water
singing all in life is adored

Peace at last
Forever and vast

( dying poets)

"Whispering Angels" [17 Dec 2002|08:12am]

She rained on me
From the very sky
Soaked my heart
When it was dry

A tear from heaven
Lost angel in need
Very quietly crying
The loneliest plead

Alone all her life
Lived so high above
Watched herself drift
A soul with no love

Dieing to feel filled
In her empty room
This room is her heart
In the wake of all gloom

A window stays open alas
Waiting with the breeze
For an object of desire
To calm her stormy seas

What could make it change
Show her she's beatiful art
I can only hope so much
Only if it we're my heart

( dying poets)

Poem... [11 Dec 2002|03:24pm]

There is no reason for living,
I rather be Dead than Alive.
Fuck you,
Life Sucks,
The world is a living Hell!

Fuck you,
Life sucks,
The World is a living Hell!

This place is a hell hole,
Why is my life a piece of Shit?
He tortures me so,
Why am I here?

(1 dead poet | dying poets)

The Real Slavery [11 Dec 2002|01:38am]

I use to be a machine
So perfect and scorn
My few human insides
We're distant and torn

Forced into a slavery
With unbearable weight
Crying in the Bondage
Had to carry the hate

Another day was black
Empty as the night
I lost all my pride
Had no reason to fight

Took all the torture
Lived with the pain
Life was slowly ending
It was a one way train

Stuck on forever tracks
Destination not known
My possessor, my purpose
Sat upon the tall throne

Giving demanding orders
Selling away my soul
Killing me quietly
Flexing his control

Owning my only future
Not listening to a plea
I have every reason
To fight to be free

Before this storm came
I was a child in life
Open eyes to everything
Never felt any strife

Now that i'm older
My face a empty expression
I realize my life is a slave
To true bondage, Depression

( dying poets)

"Machines of the system" [25 Nov 2002|01:19am]

Machines of the system
Lined up in a row
Living their orders
Nothing ample to show

Born into a network
Programmed to control
Every emotion slain
Torn from their soul

Just existing to work
Based on what's told
Striving for shape
To fit in the systems mold

Broken and heartless
Wish they'd disappear
Existince based on power
Corrupts and causes fear

It's not a way to live
No reason for the pain
All the Mindless suffering
Must end to break the chain

( dying poets)

'Stay Between The Lines" [16 Nov 2002|01:07am]

Stay between the lines
Don't veer of life's course
Just keep on going straight
Dont stop to feel remorse

Was once told those words
Still they ring in my head
It's one of those phrases
I wish we're never said

How does one not feel sad
At the world we are sold
Look around at this place
Only pain lurks and the cold

The violence and the greed
The killing and the death
This world is slowly dying
Can taste it in every breath

The silent crying whispers
Putting up one last fight
Trying to get us to change
Fades slowly into the night

We are ignorant to change
Realizing we are lifeless stone
As we stay between the lines
We shall always be alone

( dying poets)

"Above It All" [14 Nov 2002|03:42am]

I once boldly stepped above
The storming clouds in the sky
Looked down upon our world
Saw everything as a lie

The people we're so busy
Walking away from the pain
They we're living mindlessly
Trying to avoid the rain

You see this storm was born
From all the fears we created
One can only shelter so long
From the mistakes we conjugated

With endless clashing storms
Building freely across our land
The rains we're silently born
By the mistakes we made at hand

We ignored our hearts cries
And chose to live in shame
We got lost amongst the masses
Of humanity that is too blame

Money and power and possesions
Is the storm that stretches afar
Life died with the storms birth
This caused our bleeding scar

We took these as our savior
And got lost in their every say
Glued to their every demand
Worship them in every way

Above this storm I live
And watch life every day
We can't avoid mistakes forever
Just hope the rain washes them away

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[09 Jun 2002|08:42pm]

If you want one of the following journals (usernames), email me at sithcore@hotmail.com and we can arrange something.


I also have two codes up for grabs.

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Denial [05 Jan 2002|02:11pm]

yesterday i cried an ocean
today i bare a smile
but the tears have only disappeared
cause im in denial

you brought this pain upon me
though you said you never could
i said i didnt need you
and i never thought i would

i realized i was wrong
yesterday now wheres my smile
today i cry an ocean
im no longer in denial

yeah im shari.im 14, a girl-duh, and i live in nj-ugh. and im a loser...i post all my poetry at www.unsolvedmysteries.com authorID= 34525..check it out if you wanna...bye

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hiya [27 Dec 2001|04:36am]

hey squid, i finally joined. ive forgotten this whole time >_<

i will have to dredge up some poems to post. but right now im just to cold and tired. and it can wait! ^_^ ttyl!!

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In Love With You [14 Dec 2001|01:18pm]

In Love With You
Thomas Craig Wright

When I gaze into your eyes
The future is all I see.
I wish that you could know, my love,
Just what you mean to me.

When we're out in public,
I beam with such delight,
For it's your tenderness and beauty
That make my heart take flight.

Poetry doesn't do it.
Music can't say much
Of the love that is inside of me
That wants your gentle touch.

And of our life together...
Well, you know that I'll be true
Because, my darling baby,
I'm so in love with you.

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[12 Dec 2001|03:29pm]

[ mood | bored ]

When I Am With You
When I am with you I can think of nothing else.The feelings that,I have Can compare to nothing I've ever felt.When I am with you,All my troubles seem to disappear.All my worries escape from my mind,But only when you are near.When I am with you,And you,wrap me up in your gentle arms;I feel comfortable and safe,Like you could protect me from all harm.When I am with you
I can tell you all my thoughts and how I feel.And if I am hurt or crying,You are there to help me heal.When I am with you,I no longer feel alone.I am with the one person that can make me happy.I am with the only person I love.I can think of no one else in this world,Who could ever make me any happier...Than when I am with you. . .

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My Life With You [12 Dec 2001|01:12pm]

[ mood | bored ]

My Life With You
Joey Alan Slaughter

My life with you is so sweet and true,
I thank the lord I found you,
I Love you with a burning desire,
Your love for me sets my heart on fire,
I have never had a special someone to love,
But when you came into my life,
I knew you were sent down from heaven above,
I'm so blessed to share My Life With You,
I love you, I love you, I love you...

We've had our lows, we've had our highs,
We've had our arguments, we've had our cries,
We've had our fun experiences together,
Experiences of love, experiences of joy,
Experiences of passion and still experiences to exploit,
All the lows we've been through, you and I came through,
All the highs we've been through, it's all been so true,
I am blessed to say, I love sharing My Life With You,
Because, Baby, I love you, I love you, I love you...

I look forward to what lies ahead in our future,
I look forward to the day you say, "I Do",
I know whatever tasks lie ahead- we will make it through,
Because the love we have for one another is so true,
No one can take away what we have together,
Because you and I, Baby, will be together, forever,
I am blessed to say I love sharing My Life With You,
Because... I love you, I love you, I love you!

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[11 Dec 2001|09:53pm]

[ mood | busy ]


i couldn't think of a poem like always and i don't have time to look for one cause i have been uploading pic's and addign them to my lj's like these for my friends and other stuff well bye and sorry misha im not blocking you ok i just had to leave i didnt want to talk about it that why i don't posted it on my lj ok do you understand? im sorry look in my lj i got a pic there just like the one on your lj but its a little different ok oh yeah and if you want me to put your name on your pic? i can try to add it well bye

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Our Love [11 Dec 2001|10:52am]

[ mood | awake ]

Our Love
Colisha Simpkins

Your love is like a river,
Ever changing with each turn.
Your love is like a fire,
You never know how long it will burn.
Your love is like a memory,
It's here, but in the past.
Your love is like the rain,
You never know how long it will last.

My love is like a river,
It goes on and on and on.
My love is like a fire,
'Cause once it's out... it's gone.
My love is like a memory,
I can always seem to renew it.
My love is like the rain,
And I've cried the tears to prove it.

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J.J. can play... [10 Dec 2001|09:33pm]

Ok I decided to join this journal... after I got it all worked out. I'm kind of tired right now, I got to leave tommorow to Java.

Have a nice day.


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friendship or more [09 Dec 2001|10:00pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

friendship or more
christine coler

I stay up late thinking of you.
It hurts so bad- I don't know what to do.
At times you were so sweet to me.
But it was when no one else could see.

You said you cared and you'd be there.
But the next day those feelings were nowhere.
The hurt inside won't go away.
Why do I do this anyway?

Was it the friendship that drew me inside
To the truth you are trying to hide?
I will not deny these feelings for you.
I just wish you shared them too.

Or was it the warm kisses on that night
When I cried to you 'cause it felt so right.
You held me close and wouldn't let go.
Even as i fought and tried to say 'no.'

I wonder now if it wasn't so precious...
(Was it just a night of drunkness?)
We were such good friends, or so I thought.
Until the night when it all went wrong.
It makes no sense, but now our friendship is gone.

What this means, I still don't know.
And I wish you would let your feelings go.
Do this for me so I can understand;
Understand the feelings you are hiding
And what it is you are so afraid of.

I have asked you once and you turned away.
I have no answers but at most I can say;
You are gone and I don't know why,
This feeling inside makes me want to cry.

I see you around but it's not the same.
It's different now, just like a game.
I wonder if it's fun for you,
Or are you feeling this way too?

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[09 Dec 2001|08:49pm]

I sit here wondering if you can see
Just how miserable you've made me
Kind words turned into painfil memories
Of what we used to have
It makes me wonder if this has made you glad

How many more faulures will it take me to see
That love is bad and boys are evil
Some as evil as me

It's safe to say it's over now
No more dreams of what we may have
No more thoughts that make me glad
Only a painful numbness that spreads through me
Reminding me of how you dumped me.

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[09 Dec 2001|08:36pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Dude Ive had a fuckning horrible day. It started out ok since I got the whole house to myself*tries to smile*.Then I got on the interet although I wasn't supposed to,then I got caught,and bitch bitch bitch from my moms fatass boyfriend. I will never understand him. I wish i would just...die right now. Theres nothing really to live for. I was bored,and I colored eyebrows on my cat and the stupid dog. They scare me now. At least I have a companion that I can talk to and wont talk back...much fun*rolls eyes*At the moment I am planning on how to make Jons life as miserable as possible. Its very amusing,thinking up evil schemes that is. Anyways, im fuckn outta here. *~Hatred~*

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Love's Dreams [09 Dec 2001|04:22pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Love's Dreams
Sleep, dear lady, dream of he
Who you will marry on the morrow,
Your handsome prince who came to you,
Brought you out of poverty and sorrow
When he cast aside his robes,
Found you begging in the slum;
Now, for all your dirt and sores,
He will wash you, heal you, take you home.

Sleep, dear lady, be not troubled
By the dreams of things gone by;
Dream of he who loves you truly
So that he for you would die.

Sleep, dear lady, dream no more
Of lovers from your dismal past,
For now you're loved for your true self
No longer out of selfish lust.
Dream no more of gold or silver
That, in poverty, you yearned to hold;
Remember, in your prince's city
Jewels adorn the gates o'er streets of gold.

Sleep, dear lady, free of dreams
Of glory and of power
For before your prince's majesty
His enemies can but quail and cower
And among his people he's accorded
More glory than you ever could believe.
And fear no longer loneliness or torture
For ever more these things he will relieve.

And now, arise, dear lady, the night is past
Your wedding day is dawning.
If you listen, through the fresh, clear air
You'll hear the wedding bells' triumphant pealing.
Cast off your rags, cleanse off the dirt
Put on your nuptial robe so shining white
As the prince comes to lead you to your marriage
And a new life of ever-growing light.

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